i carry your heart with me

don't ask me, i'm just a girl
2 December
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90s rap, arrested development, atheists, atmosphere, audrey hepburn, barack obama, bea arthur, bitches, blackout, blair waldorf, bloc party, boys, brave new world, breakfast at tiffany's, burritos, coffee, criminal law, dance parties, dancing, dorothy parker, e.e. cummings, fashion, feminism, hello kitty, journalism, late night texts, law and order svu, less than zero, lolita, m.i.a., mixes, new york city, patrick bateman, philosophy, photography, pizza, red nailpolish, secrets, sex and the city, staying up late, the colbert report, the giver, the rules of attraction, twilight zone, vagina monologues, weezy f. baby, whispers, writing, wu-tang clan, yelle
i don't like to share. i wouldn't like me if i met me.